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At the heart of every thriving organization lies a foundation of ethical communication, meaningful connections, and deep-rooted relationships. I, Alexis Carpenter, am committed to transforming corporate cultures by guiding leaders through the ethical nuances of workforce changes, from proactive layoff planning to onboarding talent and building resilient, high-performing teams. My mission is to equip organizations with strategies that not only prepare them for industry challenges but also foster a culture of trust and safety. Drawing from over 15 years of experience and a profound personal journey, I am dedicated to breaking the stigma of toxic corporate environments, ensuring that discussions about corporate careers are empowering, especially in times of job security anxiety. My vision is to cultivate workplaces where ethical practices are the norm and where every individual feels valued, heard, and prepared for the future, no matter what it holds.


To lead a transformative shift in the corporate world, where ethical communication, trust, and resilience are cornerstones of every organization. I envision workplaces where leadership is synonymous with empathy and foresight, where teams are not just prepared for industry challenges but thrive through them, and where every individual feels secure and valued in their professional journey. This vision is dedicated to creating a future where corporate environments are nurturing, supportive, and geared towards collective success and well-being.

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Trust: We build trust in everything we do, ensuring loyalty and success. Our actions are rooted in honesty, fostering strong, reliable relationships.

Safety: We prioritize creating a safe environment for our people and clients. Safety here means people feel secure expressing themselves and taking on new challenges.

Curiosity: We stay curious, always looking for new ways to solve problems and improve. This means not repeating old mistakes but being open to learning and growing.

Experimentation: We're committed to experimenting with new ideas, like collaboration and preparedness. It's about being brave enough to try different approaches and learn from them.

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High-Performance Leadership Development

Empower your leaders with our High-Performance Leadership Development, designed to unleash their full potential and drive organizational excellence.

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Culture Consulting

“People First”

Transform your workplace with our Culture Consulting service, where we craft strategies to foster a thriving, engaged, and aligned organizational culture.

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Corporate Keynotes & Workshops

Revitalize your team's energy and innovation with our dynamic Corporate Keynotes and workshops, tailored to inspire, educate, and propel your organization forward.

Meet Alexis

Alexis Carpenter, a seasoned Culture Consultant, empowers organizations to prepare for layoffs, onboard talent, and develop high-performing teams with a laser focus on increasing revenue, retention, and satisfaction.

Alexis's journey to becoming a Culture Consultant stems from her own experience of an abrupt corporate exit due to workforce reductions. This personal encounter fuels her passion for teaching ethical layoff strategies under pressure and proactive disaster avoidance plans. With over 15 years of corporate experience, she has masterfully onboarded thousands of employees and compassionately offboarded approximately 500 individuals. Her notable achievements include orchestrating the dissolution of a corporate location in Vermont, where she ensured personalized exit plans for 150 employees, ranging from career transitions to remote work adaptations. Her expertise is backed by certifications in John C. Maxwell's JMT Team Coaching, Speaking, Teaching, and Training, along with qualifications in Trauma and Recovery coaching, meditation, and more.

Alexis has been featured in Claim Your Worth digital Magazine, The Forward Female Blog, and the Claim Your Network Agency Speaker Panel. Recognized as a pivotal business figure by Forward Female and Vermont Womenpreneurs, her insights have enlightened audiences at the 5th Annual Vermont Womenpreneurs Summit and beyond, including LIVE trainings and Summits like the Virtual Money-Maker Summit with Maria Wendt, and Super Connector Media Mastermind events.

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